Topcon GLS-2000 Laser Scanner

Topcon GLS-2000 Laser Scanner

Topcon have launched the GLS-2000 laser scanner – building on the success of their current lineup. We’ve recently carried out the first field tests of this instrument and will be presenting them here very soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on our twitter accountfor the latest updates!

TerraDat has confidently endorsed the Topcon GLS range of laser scanners since their introduction and has enjoyed the characteristic data quality, precision, ease of use and solid construction of Topcon survey products. The Topcon GLS-2000 specifications will be released soon, however we do know that the range is 350m (1,150ft) of eye-safe long-range scanning technology and it features dual cameras to get the best detail on all scanning subjects.

Coupled with an updated version of Topcon’s Scanmaster laser scanning processing software, we are sure that the GLS-2000 will turn a few heads in the industry.

  • Highest Accuracy with Precise Scan Technology
  • High Speed 360º Dome Scanning
  • Long Range
  • Dual Camera
  • Eye Safe – Selectable Laser Technology
  • Compact, Lightweight Rugged Design

 GLS-2000 Detailed Specification:

System Performance:

Maximum range at specified reflectivity:
Standard Mode 350m at 90%
High Speed Mode 210m at 90%
Low Power Mode 210m at 90%
Single Point Accuracy:
Distance 3.5mm (1-150m), 1sigma
Angle 6”

Dual Axis Compensator:
Resolution 1”
Accuracy 4”
Range -/+ 6’

Target Deflection Accuracy 3” at 50m

GLS-2000 Laser Scanning System:
Type Pulsed Precise Scan
Laser Class 3R (High Speed / Standard)
1M (Low Power)
Scan Density (Resolution)
Spot Size 4.1mm@20m (11.2mm @ 20-150m range)
Maximum Sample 3mm at 10m Density
Field of view (per scan) Horizontal: 360º
Vertical: 270º
Color Digital Imaging 5M pixel, Dual (170°/8.9°)

GLS-2000 Scanning Control:
Control System On-board
Display VGA Color Touch Display
Keyboard 3 Key
Data Storage SD Card

GLS-2000 Environmental:
Operation Temperture -5ºC to 45ºC
Storage Temperture -20ºC to 60ºC
Dust/Humidity IP54

GLS-2000 Physical:
Dimensions 152 x 293 x 412mm
Weight 11kg
Keyboard 21 keys

Download the GLS-2000 Brochure here

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